Mobi1 Avatar Pal

Choose from our professionally designed Avatar styled individual Video Pal Presenters as shown below on this page– we call them MobiNet Pals. We will create an Avatar Pal video for your business.
The video will be hosted on a premium cloud service with top service connections. You will receive a link to add the video to your website. We also offer free install on your website.

Please complete this order form for a Live MobiNet PAL style video and select your Avatar Pal character, Male or Female. Select the language. Enter our script content as you want the Avatar Pal to present (You can do this later, after we contacted you).

Select Female or Male Pal

This can be selected when we discuss your business details. Thank you

Select a Pal Character

Select a Pal Character from the images listed on the Pal page (Name or Pal description in image), you still can change during our initial setup work. The Pal character can be changed once every 6 months without any additional cost. If you want to change at other time, there will be $25 service fee.

Select language *

Select language for Pal Presenter from list below:
Australian English
Canadian French
Brazilian Portuguese

Speech presentation

Please enter the text you want the Pal to present. Please use comma and periods to separate the text for better presentation. Exclamation mark will enhance that text sentence. We will review and make recommendation if needed. Maximum character allowed 1,500, Ideal is 120 – 150 words, which creates approximately a 1 minute video presentation.
If you need a longer presentation contact us for a small additional fee. (TIP: Type text first into your notepad, then copy it here into this box.)

Phone Number or Skype User *

Best time to contact you. If Skype is available please include your User Name.