The most selected and delivering top responses are our MobiNet Avatar Pals.
Our MobiNet Pals – these are Avatar spokesperson and can be integrated into your website in countless ways. We can have a Pal appear as soon as someone lands on your website, or even have one appear as someone goes to leave your website! These are not “canned” presentation, you deliver the text you want the Pal to speak. You can select Male or Female, and multiple language supported.

Our services include

Custom Video Designs

  • Individual Pal Avatar (presenting YOUR scripted text, stand alone, auto-play, delayed, position selection)
  • Custom Avatar designs (presenting YOUR scripted text, Background video or Image, your choice of Text overlay)
  • Dynamic Kinetic Motion (Your choice of text overlay style, Background Video or image)
  • Live SpokesPerson videos (Presentation Text as shown, Background video or image)

Marketing & Directory Service

  • Included with any MobiNet Video subscription is your Business listing in the MobiNet Business Directory – a custom Mobile Directory
  • Custom video hosting in premium cloud service included
  • Video will be placed in YouTube (if you have YouTube account) or our Channel
  • Marketing your video in multiple Social media
  • You receive a link for your custom video to install on your website (we will assist if needed)


1. With every video purchase you will receive login details to our MobiNet Business directory to list and promote your business, all included with NO extra charge. The MobiNet Directory is a “First-of-its-kind” Mobile designed Business Directory, with GPS and GeoIP location enabled.

2. All video hosting and maintenance is included on secure cloud servers, like Amazon Cloud service. There are NO extra expenses for you. No extra memory and extensive bandwidth requirement on your own hosting account. You will receive a video link to place on your website.

3. Upon your purchase, we will contact you via email and phone to discuss details about your video creation. Depending on the selected video category, backgrounds, color schemes, and of course content text can all be changed/edited with your business details. Intro and Outro will be added to enhance the visibility of your business name, logo, contact details. Again, depending on selected video category, the production and clarification will take several days.

4. Our rates for all video products includes the listing of your business in all our associated Business and Mobile directories. NO extra expenses and NO hidden charges. We will assist with edits, directory entries, during your subscription terms. If you want to edit or update your listings in the directories and need assistance, we gladly will help you with updates – all inclusive in our low economical monthly rates. If you want to purchase and host the video yourself, contact us. We will work with you.